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Quality Control

Ready-Mixed Concrete is supplied in a variety of grades and compositions to meet specific demands of customized applications – from simple requirements for small homes to High-Performance Concrete to meet the complex needs of mega projects. 

Each of our plants has a fully equipped laboratory with the latest in testing machines to carry out routine and detailed tests of raw materials as well as freshly finished concrete. These in-plant laboratories are organized in association with the facilities of the relevant codes i.e. ASTM, ACI, AASHTHO, BS, IS etc.

The quality assurance systems and procedures implemented by CDC Ready-Mixed Concrete monitor every stage of the entire business process. Right from the processing of the order, purchase/control of materials, and concrete mix design to production, sales, delivery, and control of the concrete.

Lab Facility

Fully equipped laboratories have been set up at our plants to carry out various tests on concrete and on constituent raw materials. Concrete mixes of various grades are designed in a laboratory as per established procedures to comply with Standard Specification. The following tests are performed in our laboratory arrangement:  

  • Fineness Modulus (FM)
  • Moisture Content & Water Absorption 
  • Unit Weight
  • Specific Gravity
  • Silt & Clay Content
  • Gradation
  • Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV)
  • Los Angles Abrasion Test
  • Flakiness & Elongation 
  • Compressive Strength
  • Fineness
  • Consistency 
  • Setting Time
  • Slump Test
  • Admixture Test

Buet Test

The concrete is cured in the cylinder for 28 days and then a batch is sent to BUET authorized lab where the rate of stiffening is measured. The test result is very important for the acceptance of on-site concrete work since it demonstrates the strength of the mix design.