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About CDC Ready Mix Concrete & Block Industry

Total Concrete Solution at your doorstep

Established in 2021, CDC Ready-Mix Concrete & Block started maneuvering in the country with the view to supplying high-quality ready-mix & Block to participate in the prestigious constructions of private and public projects that can contribute to the nations’ development and prosperity.

CDC Ready-Mix Concrete takes pride in producing and delivering a wide range of products entailing conventional concrete, high-strength concrete, high-performance concrete, self-compacting concrete, and lean mixes.

Under the dynamic leadership of Highly experienced management members the company always thrives in introducing quality products that can meet the domestic demand and go beyond.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of international standard Ready Mix Concrete with independent modern factory based on fully mechanized system and latest technology located in the heart of Capital, Mirpur Area, and Dhaka. By virtue of the long outstanding reputation of CDC Group in the various sector of business we have evolved in the segment of manufacturing Ready Mix Concrete and have already captured a remarkable share in the market for our product, which have been appreciated very much by the end users in respect of quality and service. Besides the quality and service, we are also confident of our product to be of competitive with any other existing brand product of similar type. We would like to reiterate the services that we are willing to render to your esteemed organization are given below for your perusal and kind consideration:

About We have experienced professionals, senior officers and personnel as well as highly experienced Transport Team, Pump Team, staff and workers who provide both specialized and general services in various fields of the Ready-Mix Concrete & Block Industry.

We Ensure best quality Concrete by following as ACI method.  Ensure best quality purchase by own supply chain management. Required Strength Class or grade of concrete is guaranteed by following appropriate mix design.

Ensure best quality stone chips purchase by own supply chain management.

Sampling from concreted is conducted in accordance with ASTM C172 standard practice for sampling foes mixed concrete. Use foreign construction chemicals

We have 24 hours of delivery system to meet consumers need in flexible time   Uses quality Raw materials from own resources. Uninterrupted Power Supply We strictly ensure our product quality by procuring raw materials from its appropriate sources by maintaining international standard and grade using our own arrangement. Supported by our own professional engineers’ team.  We always guiding the users regarding all technical as aspects of construction sharing with local engineers & consultants.


Our Vision is to combine the highest quality products with an unmatched level of market and technical support. We will also ensure the most cost-effective and environment-friendly building solutions and will continue to embrace this philosophy, as our customer base grows.


Our Mission defines our Roadmap. We excel to develop and deliver value-added Ready Mix & block products to our esteemed customers, consistently outperform our peers, build enduring relationships with our business associates and stakeholders, provide a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees, and aim to achieve incremental growth of our business thereby having a positive economic and social impact on the community and the nation.